Organic Wines


   We produce an interesting range of organic wines, mead and cider.  These cover a wide spectrum of tastes, with something to suit every palate, from our dry English grape wine, through an exciting variety of fruit wines, to our mellow mead.   Here are some suggestions:

All our products are vegetarian and all but the mead are vegan.  All our wines can be drunk young.  There is no benefit in keeping them to mature.  However, if you do want to store them, they will keep better in a cool place.  For more detail on individual products, click the appropriate headings below. 

Growing organically

All our products are grown and made to Soil Association Organic Standards,* which are the longest established and are the benchmark for organic standards within the UK and worldwide.  The Soil Association Organic Standards are based on:

  • principles of organic growing
  • building and maintaining soil nutrients
  • encouraging biodiversity and wildlife
  • highest standards of animal welfare
  • exclusion of synthetic sprays and fertilisers
  • minimising the use of artificial ingredients and methods in processing and packaging

When you buy and consume our organic products, you are not only reducing health risks to yourself, but you are also encouraging sustainable agriculture and benefitting the countryside and the rural economy.

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