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  Organic English Wine is our flagship product.  Grapes grown in this country may appear disadvantaged by our climate.  Indeed they do struggle, but this very difficulty can be turned to advantage by the fact that the long season and slow ripening actually produces grapes of better quality for wine-making.

   We have chosen hybrid varieties that are best suited for organic growing.  These hybrids have been crossed with native American vines, which confer resistance to mildew and so eliminate the need to spray.

   Seyval is an old, established variety of vine from the Loire Valley.  It is widely grown in England, probably doing better here than in its native France.  It produces a striking wine of singular freshness and character.  

   Orion is a recent, hybrid vine which makes a deliciously fresh and fruity wine with flowery overtones, more typical of its German origin. 

   We now blend these two varieties to make our Pennard Table Wine.  The wine is predominantly Seyval so its freshness of character is most pronounced, but combined with good, clean fruit.

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