Pennard Organic Wines & Cider
estate-grown and bottled at
Avalon Vineyard
Somerset, UK

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Welcome to Avalon Vineyard

We invite you to explore our range of organic wines, fruit wines, mead and cider.  Completely free of chemical residues, these quality products are grown and created in harmony with wildlife and the environment, deep in the Somerset countryside. 

Avalon Vineyard is remarkable for being:

  • a pioneer producer of organic wine to Soil Association Standards, ( P/T 15W).
  • established over 20 years ago.
  • the only producer of organic fruit wines made from our own fruit, (not imports).
  • the only producer of organic mead in the west country.
  • the only producer of Somerset cider made in the traditional way, building a 'cheese' of straw on an ancient hand-turned cider-press.
  •  the only producer to press grapes in a straw 'cheese' on a cider-press.    

Our products are unusual and distinctive.  They are hand-produced on a small scale and are only available in our vineyard shop and a few outlets local to us.  You are unlikely to find anything quite like them in your local shops or supermarket.  Unless you can visit us, (and taste the wines), the only option is to use our mail order service.

To find out more about us and our products, click on the page headings below:

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